icon_concept Concept

LiFETOENS is a project designed to create a variety of "tones" in the world.
Within the environments surrounding our daily lives, many different ambiances exist.
These ambiances have the power to give a variety of impressions and senses.
LiFETOENS calls them "tones".

"tones" shared between people for long periods of time.
"tones" meant to communicate one thing.
For every "tone", there exists an accompanying feeling of mutuality.

However, do we use really understand the "tones" that surround us when we use them? It is not easy to naturally use "tones" to our own wills and thoughts.

To discover the necessary "tones" that surround you.
That is the future that LiFETOENS strives towards.

At LiFETOENS, starting with small, familiar "tones", we aim to envision and create new "tones" of the future.