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"060712" Ringtones NEW Release


LiFETONES Released ringtones “060712” on July, 25, 2012.

Those released ringtones are available to download and play free after the user shared the ringtones onto social media such as Facebook and twitter. The ringtones can be tried to play before the download and share as a full-length ringtone on this site.

Artists for the ringtones are the following five.

Leading the label "moph records", played on the SónarSound Tokyo 2012, "mergrim" who performance was evaluated high-level by audienc. "Sphontik" are releasing a versatile sound and released the 1st album "Life flows slowly" in May from Rallye label. Young digital artist "Nyolfen" was released the "Pulse" from PROGRESSIVE FOrM. "cubesato" who provides music to a number of video works abroad and Japan. "BOTTLESMOKER" of Indonesian star is getting more than 20,000 fans in the Facebook fan page without official release, and going around tour, especially in Asia.

They have really high affinity for Internet, proved their quality of sound by audience on Internet, and are becaming known artists representing “Now”.

LiFETONES believes their high quality ringtones and asks users to play these ringtones actually.

"060712" Ringtones by LiFETONES

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2012.07.25"060712" Ringtones NEW Release
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