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sphontik is a solo project by a Japanese musician, Kenji Yasuda. With his youth environment surrounded by people who create music and listening to music of all genres, he started making music since as a teenager. After a providing compilation albums, DVD of several works, video projects on web with his works, He released his own works on his website in the name of sphontik. The "cinematic" electric sound, which has impression of warmth, nostalgia and electronica based on Jazz and Bossa Nova, attracted people. In the year of 2011, He was in charged of sound for the installation project ”Tones for Live” by LiFETONE, the design project about Life and “tone”, such ring tones for smartphones by musicians, miyauchi yûri, aus, and Ametsub and etc. He also participated in the "music of the last Sun" a remix project by miyauchi yûri. Currently he is focusing on a production (to be released this fall) of 2nd album featuring the his vocals greatly. He is also working for commercial films and as a remixer, working for “it's a Musical”, German popular duo energetically. He is one of artist expected in the future.