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Ringtones by LiFETONES

LifETONES is focusing on the future of “Ringtone”.

Nowadays, mobile phone is really normal product in our lives. We hear the sound everyday. How and what kind of ring tone do you choose for yours? Do you know why you choose your current ringtone?

Ringtone deeply affects on the atmosphere of the place and the feelings of people. Sometimes you may be surprised by the sudden loud sound or lose your concentration by unsuitable tone for the atmosphere. On the other hand, you may be fascinated with some confortable tone or interested in the sound like “whose ringtone is this?”.

It is clear that psychological communication to other people is happening via ringtones even though we don’t realized that in our daily life. In ringtone, there are still some unsolved important design problems that deeply involved in our lives in the future.

Here, the perspectives of a musician, the people who design a ring tone, you pondering on the thought to its potential as a platform.
Ringtone is owned by anyone now, and brings a chance to touch music (musician) which did not touch myself and an impressive encounter. There must be the possibility to spread free and democratic music that does not rely on traditional media.
When the musician is aware of how ringtone emitted the sounds from mobile phones and the way of communication caused by it, this is a beginning of creating a new music that includes the otherness obviously.

Once, such as when Brian Eno was sent off the ambient to the world. In order to discovery the new value for our lives and explore the new potential of music.

"Ringtones by LiFETONES" is the platform that both our musicians and we go to make up with hand in hand.

※In public place, it is recommended that you to use silent mode.


DirectionTokuro Oka
Art WorkToru Yoshikawa
Art Direction / Art WorkYasutaka Kageyama
Design / ProgramNaokazu terada
License PlanningTasuku Mizuno