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Tones for Live

"Tones for Live" is a live-installation.

This installation consists of soundtracks that is announced before the event and downloaded by users and movies projected to the display at the location.

The installation "tones for live" presented the redefinition of "live event" and the idea for the relation of "tone" to life by LiFETONES.

Reducing live performance by artist to your own experience via usual your eyes. The installation presented the idea of relation of the "tone" to life by the deconstructing "experience" as live performance and the result of study of exploring the "tone" in everyday life.

And in other words, it must be the attitude to repeat our questioning of the significance of existence of music after March 11th when our past daily life ends once.

Date2011.09.25 SUN


ProjectionTomoya Kishimoto
VideoTokuro Oka
PlanTasuku Mizuno
WritingTomoya Kishimoto
Interactive ClockNaokazu Terada
Photo DirectionYasutaka Kageyama